Monday, September 25, 2006

Party Time!

Noah had his big birthday bash yesterday and it was an excellent day! It was a full house and we appreciate all of you who came by! The weather was beautiful and we thank the Lord that Noah was feeling much better. He was a bit overwhelmed by it all, but did especially enjoy playing with his cake, even if he couldn't eat it. He worked on squishing it with intense concentration! He was pretty partied out by evening and wasn't too interested in his gifts. Kailyn & Joshua certainly had fun opening them all! But this morning he had a great time enjoying his balloons and some of his new toys.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


~~A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear son Noah!!!!!!!~~

Who would have though that we would have come this far and still have so far to go! A year ago we didn't know if Noah would live to see one day. Now it has already been one year. We are so blessed! We have been given this incredible miracle and God has been so gracious to us. We have recieved more time with Noah than many others ever have with their precious angels. When the days are difficult and there seems to be no progress the Lord gently reminds me of how this day could have been a day of grief rather than celebration. And so today we celebrate this beautiful life God has created.
We recieved a huge package in the mail for Noah from a group of ladies I have met over the internet. So this morning Noah had a great time opening the gifts, with some help from Kailyn & Joshua of course! We were so touched that people we've never even met would care so much about our son. So thank you so much my fellow buttercups!! I hope that one day Noah will be able to meet some of his "aunties"!!
Unfortunately Noah has not been well for the past week and has developed pneumonia again. Likely it is because he is aspirating again, since his fundo is coming loose. Fortunately it seems to be a mild case. He started antibiotics yesterday and is already feeling much better today. He weighs in today at 7lbs 8oz, and measures 22 1/2 inches, not much bigger than the average newborn. He is still in newborn diapers and clothes, in fact, the outfit he is wearing today is still a preemie size. He has head control for about 2 minutes at a time now, and is SO close to rolling onto his tummy. He's got 5 teeth, most of which we should be able to keep. We are still waiting to hear about the new tube. We may end up putting in a j-tube rather than the gj-tube. (The difference would be that we would keep the g-tube and actually put in a seperate tube into the intestines). There are less risks longer term, but that would mean another surgery, which of course has it's own set of risks. So right now no one is sure which route to go and we are in limbo.
Noah's party is still on for Sunday from 3:30-6pm at our place in La Salle (hopefully our window of time when Noah won't be eating or sleeping). We are praying for some nice weather! I never got invitations out, but we'd love to have anyone drop by who's grown to love our little man!