Saturday, April 21, 2007

...And Back Again!!

We are back home!! Noah was admitted Thursday for IV fluids overnight and his GJ tube was put back in yesterday. We were home by evening and all is well. A nice quick visit!! Hopefully we can keep this tube in a little longer this time.
We also met with Noah's ENT and Plastic Surgeon on Wednesday. Noah's ear tubes have come out and he failed his hearing tests because of the fluid in his ears. So when he has his palate repair, he will get another set of tubes put in. We will do more hearing testing after that. His surgery date of May 11th has been cancelled due to lack of OR time (anesthesiologist and nursing shortages). So rather than try to find a new OR time for him now, we have decided to try to reschedule it for the fall to hopefully give Noah some time to get bigger and for us to have a break from the hospital! We are not going to be doing any jaw surgery, as his sleep study shows both central and obstructive apneas. Jaw surgery might help the obstructive ones, but not the central ones. Noah's lower jaw has also grown nicely and has completely caught up to his upper jaw. So the surgery date in fall will be for his palate repair. Hopefully that will be the last of the surgeries for a while. As far as Noah's sleep apneas, we will meet with respirology in July and discuss starting c-pap (a machine that would blow air into Noah's nose via a mask to keep the airway open).


Anonymous said...

Hi Nichole,
This is Matthew's mom Kyla....the fellow Winnipeg TPN'er...I just thought that I would leave you my email in case you wanted to chat. I am at
Talk to you soon,

Jamie said...

Yay Noah! I'm glad you're home!

Melanie said...

You are an amazing mother (and family)The challenges you have faced are incredible but you are still so encouraging and grateful for all God has given you. You lift my spirits knowing the love you have for Noah.
In my prayers
Melanie Friesen
(your mom's cousin's daughter, Westbank, BC)
blog site:

Janice said...

If he isn't the most precious thing (OKAY so ONE of the most precious things! :) ) I've ever seen! He's beautiful I love his mop of hair, he's growing up so much!

I'm glad surgery is put off for the summer...hopefully you all can be at home until then. He's one precious little boy, just love the pics!!!

Janice and Azlan