Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hanging in There

Noah and Nichole are still in the hospital, but we are all hanging in there. Noah recovered remarkably well from his infection and also the clotting. He had a central line put back in on Tuesday May 29th and things are going well. He and Nichole unfortunately will be spending more time in the hospital until his fluid and feeding issues are resolved. Although the "Novelty" of being in the hospital has worn off, it is still as difficult as always. Continue to pray for all of us as we patiently wait for Noah and Nichole to return home.



Jamie said...

We love you guys and are thinking of you daily!

rissa said...

As always, I'm praying for Noah and the rest of you as well. I hope and pray that he goes home soon.

Take care and please give my buddy a kiss for me!

~Rissa and family

Debbie Oliver said...

Thinking of you...update us with some good news when you can!