Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fred Penner

Thought I'd post some bright spots from our last hospital stay, including meeting Fred Penner and hearing him perform. He even let Noah play (or rather, take over) his guitar. Music therapy was always a highlight of Noah's day.

Noah spent alot of time looking hanging on the edge of the bars of his "prison". He got really good at pulling himself right up on his own. Great for the abdominal muscles!


rissa said...


Noah meeting Fred Penner is awesome. Those are some great pics and Noah is so very handsome. I'm still loving his hair. Glad you guys are home and doing well.

Take care and God bless!

~Rissa and family

Jamie said...

I love these pictures! Noah looks so different - so grown up and chubby in his face! Where did all that hair come from?? What a cutie :)

erin said...

he is looking so big!! Praying you guys can come home soon!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear your back in hosital again. You are alwys in our prayers. We miss you all, and love you so amuch. remember that God is stil in control, and that he will not give yuou more than yu can bear. He is your peace and your rest. love mom

Nathan & Rosanna said...

I have loved Fred Penner for my whole life. He just won more brownie points for making a little dude like Noah happy. From the sounds of these last comments it sounds like you may be back in the hospital. We pray for you all when you come to mind. Trusting in the one who holds all our tomorrows. He loves you guys. I agree with Jamie - Noah is looking so cute these days.