Friday, September 12, 2008


A special girl needs our prayers this afternoon. As I post this, Olivia is having exploratory abdominal surgery. Please pray that the surgeons will find an answer to her pain. We met Olivia at the Oley Conference and she holds a special place in Kailyn's heart. To see her doing all the normal 8 year old stuff, with "tubes like Noah", was a wonderful lesson for Kailyn. Olivia, we are all praying like crazy for good news!!


Anita Janzen-Gemmell said...

Hi Nicole & Brad,

Every once in a while I check in on your blog to see how things are going. You are so blessed with your kids and I'm so amazed at your capabilities to handle all the medical issues with Noah. God has blessed you guys with careers that help you with Noah. I'm sure Olivia and her family are so happy to have you as confidantes as both of your familieis walk through your journies. Take care and know that lots of people are praying and thinking of you guys.
Anita (from Bible School)

Anonymous said...

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