Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pneumonia Again

Noah was recovering well from his chicken pox, but he was still losing weight. So we were experimenting with different formulas and pumps to figure out how to put some weight on him. On day 6 of Noah's hospital stay he aspirated and developed pneumonia. So he was started on antibiotics and taken completely off his feeds because they were concerned he would aspirate again. Every time we tried to restart his feeds, his respirations would skyrocket. So on Monday the cardiologist started a central line in order to give Noah TPN (total parental nutrition). After a frustrating wait because of miscommunications between doctors, the TPN was finally started on Tuesday evening. Of course, Noah has lost more weight and is now 4lbs 15oz.

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Emmy said...

Hi, I checked earlier and found nothing on the site and so it's good to see some new pictures. It's even better that you are home again!! We are sure keeping you in our prayers . It must be hard to stay so positive when you must ve tired after such a long ordeal.