Tuesday, June 20, 2006

9 Months!!

Time continues to be running away on us and I just can't seem to slow things down! Noah is nine months old, which is hard to believe when he is still so much like a newborn in many ways. He is still our little doll and the kids love taking him for rides in Joshua's new truck! He is 7lbs 9oz, so we are slowly inching our way up there! Therapies continue and we are still working on many of the same things (head control, tummy time). Noah saw the dentist last week and it seems that his one little tooth that we were so excited about will have to be pulled out. It is growing right in his cleft space and it will be in the way when the surgeon eventually does a bone graft in his gumline. So during Noah's next surgery, they will pull that tooth out. He has a tooth in the bottom that is almost ready to pop through.



Erik, Jamie, Micah & Baby said...

Noah - You are SO cute in that little truck. I can't believe how far you've made it since last summer when we were there and you were still in your Mommy's tummy. It's such a miracle! It seems like you're gaining weight a little faster these days, so that's great!
By the way - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH! We hope you had a great day for your 4th birthday! Micah wants to play trucks with you this summer when you come to visit!

Anonymous said...

Noah, you are such a precious, adorable gift from God. I'm so thankful that your Mom and Dad are sharing bits of your life with us and also parts of their heart as they write on your blog. What a journey this is that you are on- praise God you aren't alone!
Way to go on the weight gain.
love Ramona

thekeowns said...

wahoo and the weight gain Noah!! you look so cute in that truck. I am sure the kids love pushing you around.