Wednesday, August 23, 2006

11 Months

Ok, I am convinced something is wrong with my calendar. It says that Noah is 11 months and I just can't believe that so much time has passed already. I need to figure out a way to slow things down!

We have been quite busy here lately getting used to all of Noah's new toys (yes, I am convinced Noah has more fun playing with his tubing and syringes than anything else). Dealing with the oxygen is still a huge hassle and I'm feeling much more tied down these days. Noah is not nearly as portable anymore and I have very short windows of time to take him out without his pump and oxygen hooked up. Yes, we have portable equipment, but by the time I pack all his stuff up...well, it's just not worth the hassle. Thankfully, Brad is not busy right now with work, but once September hits, things are going to get a bit crazy around here. We just had a home study done to assess how much home care we should be getting. Right now we get about 4 hours a week, but we are eligible to recieve more if they can find nurses for us. Personally, I don't really want someone coming in more often to take care of Noah (unless I go back to work). I'd rather be the one taking care of him have someone to do the housework and laundry. So I'm hoping we can work out something soon as I am feeling a bit overwhelmed these days.

Noah's had some weight gain since we started the oxygen!! He is 7lbs 9oz and 22 1/2 inches. So we are back to the weigh he was 2 months ago. His eyes are so much brighter and he is sleeping way less during the day. That oxygen is amazing stuff! The things we take for granted... Unfortunately, the Omeprazole hasn't done anything for the reflux, so we will still probably have to try the gj-tube temporarily. We are still waiting for an appointment with radiology for that to be done.

Noah's reached another exciting milestone! He is officially rolling from his tummy to his back! He absolutely hates being on his tummy, so I think he just gets mad enough that he is able to flip himself over. He is still working on getting from his back to his tummy. He gets almost all the way over, but can't seem to get his arm out of the way. His head control has improved alot too. It still needs work, but we are getting there. And we've been free from hospital stays for 5 months now! God is good.

We are planning a party for Noah on Sunday, September 24 here in La Salle. We will try to send out some invitations, but I want this to be an open invitation for anyone who would like to celebrate Noah's first year with us. We would love to have you there!


Erik, Jamie, Micah & Baby said...

Noah - we would love to come to your birthday party if only we lived a little bit closer!
I'm glad the oxygen is working such wonders for you guys even if it means some extra hassle.

Kim said...

Noah - oh how far you've come in the last 11 months (I too have trouble believing how fast time has flown by). We continue to delight in your smiles and outgoing personality. We love you lots and will definitely be at your birthday party (and I am more than willing to help your mom get ready for it too!). Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Noah- so much has changed since a year ago- look at you! It took me a bit to realize why you were having a party- you're almost one already! What a precious gift you are.
As for the party- we'd love to come see you and your new tricks (oh, and your fmaily too!) and celebrate what GOd is doing so we'll let you know if it will work.
I'm praying for the energy and strength etc for you Nichole, especially once fall hits.
love Ramona

Rissa said...


Oh my! You're about to be the BIG 1! I'm so proud of how far you've come. Your family loves you so very much. I know you're gonna have a blast of a party. Wish I could be there....but I live too far away. Eat lots of cake for me and tell mommy to take lots of pics ;-)

Take care buddy!