Thursday, February 15, 2007

In the Hospital

Many of you check this site to be updated on Noah's wellbeing. He and Nichole have been back in the hospital since last Saturday. He is recovering from another pneumonia. Although slower than we would like, it has been an exercise in patience and faith. It has been a long week for everyone. Nichole is not feeling well but continues to stay with Noah all the time. Joshua and Kailyn are unfortunately used to the chaotic split personality of our family life and continue to be great kids to parent in these times. For me it just a matter of keeping all of the wheels turning.

Please continue to pray for Noah and our family. We all know full well the power of prayer and the goodness of God.



Anonymous said...

I was hoping no new blog was a good thing... I think of you all so often and you are in my prayers. Your journey doesn't seem to have any easy times right now, but it's encouraging to see you keep trusting God. I'm praying for restored health and energy for all and that you can soon be re-united at home again.
love Ramona

Anonymous said...

HI. I did try to post earlier but I see it has vanished... I wnated to let you know we are still thinking of you and praying for you. Your journey ahs net been easy, but I am encouraged that you continue to trust on God. I'm praying you will feel better soon, Nichole and that the whole family will be reuinited at home soon once again. Brad- you and the kids are also in our prayers. Linc knows some of what it's like to hold the fort and try to get in some time at work as I've been in and out of the hospital and am still not up to doing much...
As time goes on it can get discouraging and feel lonely, but may you know that you have not been forgotten.
love Ramona

Kim said...

Lifting your family in prayer!


Jamie said...

Hi guys - I've been thinking and praying for you!

rissa said...

Hi Brad,

As always, I'll be keeping Noah in my prayers. Hope he starts to feel better soon. Please tell Nichole hi for me.

God bless and take care!


Melissa said...

I have been praying for your family--and for Noah. I know how long hospital days can be and I pray for you all to have peace.