Friday, February 09, 2007

Sleep Study

Wednesday night was Noah's sleep study and it went well. By the time he got hooked up to everything, he was very tired and fell right asleep. How anyone can sleep hooked up to so many things is beyond me! We did the first half of the night without oxygen and then added oxygen for the second half. We should get the official results within about a week. But it looks like he has central sleep apnea, rather than obstructive sleep apnea. (So it is his central nervous system that causes him to stop breathing, rather than his tongue obstructing his airway). This is both good and bad news. The good news is that he likely won't need any jaw surgeries since it's not his tongue causing the problem. The bad news is that this problem can't be surgically fixed and he will have to continue to use oxygen for sleeping. It was quite fascinating to watch and we learned alot about sleep.

I'm also back at work now and survived my first two shifts. Things all went really well both at work and here at home. I really enjoyed it and it was a very nice break for me! I'm looking forward to getting out once a week!
We also have a surgery date: May 11th at 12pm.
Only 3 months away!!


rissa said...

Hello family,

I'm praying for nothing but good results concerning the sleep study. Looking at the pics, Noah looks happy. He's such a handsome boy. And he's getting so big. I'm glad you're enjoying work. Please me informed on Noah results. I'm glad to hear that he's doing well and staying healthy.

Take care and God bless!

~Rissa and family

Kylie said...

Hi Nichole,

This is Kylie from the cleftAdvocate board. I haven't been active on the board for while, but I've been keeping up to date with Noah's progress. I am so excited that you have gone back to work part time. I just decided to go back to school for 2 days a week and am loving it. Its so nice to have something for yourself. Congratulations on the surgery date. You must be ready for it to be overwith. Wyatt has his in November and it came and went very quickly. Email me so that I can send you a list of things - I know they have one on cleftAdvocate but I am some extra things I think will make post-op just that much easier.

Take Care,


Stefanie said...

How anyone can sleep hooked up to so many things is right! Wowsa! He looks great though--love to see him smile! Just checking in to see how you are all doing. I'm excited for you to be back at work. It sounds like a good break for you--it must feel great!

rissa said...

Hi family,

Just dropping by to say hello. Glad to see that Noah is doing well and feeling healthy. Noah looks happy in the recent pics while doing the sleep study. He's getting so big and so very handsome. Please keep me updated on what's going on. Glad to hear that work is going well with you. Take care of yourself.

God bless you all!