Monday, May 19, 2008

Still Stuck with Oxygen

I was looking forward to posting a farewell message to Noah's oxygen concentrator, but no luck...his overnight oximetry study showed some significant desats so we are stuck with it a while longer. Our respiratory doctor is recommending another formal sleep study to follow up in the near future. He is battling yet another cold (his 3rd since we came home almost 4 weeks ago), but thankfully he's been fighting them off with the help of the IV antibiotics. We haven't been able to take him out much over this long weekend. Today we had rain, and Saturday we had an unbelievable windstorm that even tore the roof off our local community center.

We are off to Brandon tomorrow for a couple of nights. Brad is teaching, so we decided to take the kids out of school and tag along. The kids are counting down the hours until the pool with the waterslide!


Anonymous said...

We pray that Noah gets over this cold quickly, and have a great time in

Ramona said...

I will pray that Noah's cold heals quickly and that you can relax and have fun at the hotel!!! If you're still out that way on Sunday- we'll be in the Justice church doing a camp promo and there's soup and pie for lunch....
Seriously- I'd love to visit with you guys sometime again!