Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Noah was discharged today and doing well! He is on a 3 month course of IV Cloxacillin every 6 hours. ID decided they weren't going to take any chances, with all the pus that was seen when his line was changed. There is a chance that this new line was infected during the change, and there is question as to whether this staph infection came from this absess, or another source that was never uncovered. So to protect his very precious new line, this is what we must do. It means alot more work, and alot more supplies to drag around, but perhaps a long course of antibiotics will keep Noah out of hospital for a good long stretch!

So it looks like our trip is actually a go! Thanks to Doris, our wonderful CH5 charge nurse/homecare nurse, who managed to figure out a way for us to take along enough supply of IV antibiotics to make this trip happen. And I think we've managed to sort out most other issues too. Respirology is insistant that Noah will require oxygen on the flight because of the change in pressure, so we are renting a portable oxygen concentrator for the trip. He will run 2 litres of oxygen during the flights, and then we can also use the portable concentrator for night and naps during our trip. We have doctors letters for all his pumps, fluids and oxygen, but I'm still very nervous about getting through airport security. They certainly don't make it easy to travel!

More good news...we did a sleep study on Noah during this stay and he is much improved from his last study a year ago. So we are able to decrease his nighttime oxygen from 1Litre to 0.5Litres! A big step forward!!


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. My prayers for you are that you get through security at the airport without any problems and that you all have a safe and HEALTHY trip.

Kim said...

Praise God for His goodness. I'm so happy that Noah is home and your trip is ON. Praying for a safety and good health for everyone during your trip...and some wonderful family time.

Baker Family said...

Yeah!!!!! so happy for you all. :^)

Anonymous said...

Praise God for answering prayers.
further prayers for Noah and your family, coming to you from my cell group, from Southland church, from the Free church and many others from Steinbach+Sharron(aunt) from Sprague. Faithful prayer warriors---Bertha and Hilda(aunts), Ruth (cousin)+ her friends, Irene+ Hilda, intercessory prayer warriors from Southland. Our prayers will continue in your various scenarios, where the Lord leads. God bless each of you
God is good all the time,and all the time He is good.
I pry that all goes well at the airport and tha staff fall over you to assist you.
Your loving and devoted Auntie
PS Noah, my pool is open.