Saturday, June 14, 2008

PICU and Back Again

After a very long day of waiting, Noah's surgery finally did happen. 10am, turned into noon, which turned into 3pm, which turned into 4...finally at 5pm they took him in and by 7pm, he was settled in PICU. Unfortunately, I sat in the waiting room until almost 8:30pm (could have sat there all night!!), as no one bothered to tell me what was going on...the last straw after a rotten week. But, despite all that, Noah did very well. He was already yanking out all his monitor cords this morning, and had all the nurses laughing at their "critically ill ICU patient". So he was moved back to the ward this afternoon, and was very happy to be in his "home". The surgeon did have problems getting the line in. He tried the right subclavian and was unsuccessful, but did end up getting a line into his internal jugular. The old line had pus around it when they removed it, so it's good that it is gone. The new one is a tiny one though...a 4 French!! This concerns me...easier to break...easier to clot. It just looks so fragile! Praying it will last us a while.

Hopefully once we get through the weekend, we will have a better plan as to when we can get Noah home. We still need to sort out some feeding issues, figure out how long he requires IV antibiotics, and do Noah's sleep study. But I am hesitantly hopeful that we will get out of here sometime next week. It is driving the kids crazy not knowing if we are going or not, so hopefully we will have a clear answer soon.

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Kathy's corner said...

I am so sorry that this all had to happen, but glad they got the line out, and we pray that he can hang on to this line for awhile. Remember that God is in control, and His will ,will be done. Love you mom