Monday, May 25, 2009

Hearing Tests

Noah had some follow up hearing tests today. The results were a bit surprising...Noah's right ear has always had a moderate hearing loss...nothing changed there. They didn't even bother testing it much. But his left ear, which has always been his good one, is now showing the same moderate hearing loss. This is concerning, as he has always been able to compensate well with his good ear. But now, he is unable to do that, and is likely not hearing most of our normal conversations. There is fluid in his ears, which is part of the problem (a commen issue in kids with cleft palates). So he definately needs those ear tubes to help drain the fluid. This will be done whenever he goes for surgery to have his stoma repaired.

But even tubes won't be enough...he will most likely need hearing aids as well. Today, with the bone conduction test (which bypasses the fluid in the ear), his hearing was still not close to a normal range. We will do further hearing testing after the tubes are placed, and then decide what type of hearing aids he will need. All of this does help explain Noah's lack of speech and sound development.

Still waiting to hear of a date for Toronto. We don't have many details yet, and are unsure whether Noah will be inpatient the whole time, or whether he will be outpatient, and we will need to find somewhere to stay. Thank you to those of you in Toronto who have offered support...I don't feel quite so alone.


Maroo said...

Gosh, I am sorry about Noah's hearing. But I am glad it seems like something they can fix.

And I am so thankful that u have some suuport in Toronto!

Keep us posted on sweet Noah and how the plans are working out!

Anonymous said...

Yes, to those in Toronto that have made such generous offers, THANK YOU!!! As Nichole's mom, it is so reassuring she will not be totally alone. nichole, we are praying that Brad will beable to come for part of that time as well. Praying that God would provide financially for your stay there. Also, praying that God would touch Noah's hearing. Love

Anonymous said...

For hearing aids...Kemp Hearing is where you need to go. He has triplets and is a fantastic audiologist.

Jules and Danny said...

So sorry to hear there is another "something" you need to deal with. Speech development is so complicated to begin with. Praying for the right direction and assistance with this.

Does the Ronald McDonald House offer lodging to people from out of province? We had friends from the suburbs (where we are) stay there when their little one had surgery. It is so close to the hospital and has so many supports.

I mention again that we have lots of room, but it's a 40 minute drive to the hospital... not far, but if someone is closer, that might be much easier for you.