Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Toronto Date

We recieved word about a date for Toronto..

They will have a bed for Noah on June 2nd...less than a week from now! We don't have much for details yet, but it sounds like the plan will be for him to be inpatient and hopefully no longer than a week for now. We should hear more details within the next day or two. Brad is planning to come too, so we need to work on finding flights and a place to stay that is within walking distance of the hospital (Ronald Mcdonald House has a long waiting list, so it is likely out). My mom will come to stay with the kids.

Lots to be done in the next week...quite overwhelming, but I am glad it is happening quickly and praying that some good will come out of it.


Kim said...

Wow - that is soon. Glad to hear that it will be a short stay and that Brad will join you...that will make it a bit easier. Talk to you soon...hugs to my Bean.

Anonymous said...

Just want you to now that I'm praying for Noah.

Take care and God bless!


Sandi said...

Nichole - just so you know, I am just outside of the Toronto area - if you are in need of anything during your stay here, please feel free to ask. I know we have never met, but we were apart of the same Sept babies yahoo group. Please email for anything. sandi.bates [AT]

nicole said...

So glad you have a date, and glad Brad is going with you. Praying for as short a stay as possible, and that you can get some new answers!

Anonymous said...

Nichole: I'm glad you have your date, but I know it feels fast. I would prefer not to post my email here, but will send you a PM with it via the DIS. Please contact me with questions etc. I am going to think of any reasonable accommodations near the hospital if I can. Too bad about Ronald McDonald house - do they have other places where they may be able to get you a discounted rate?

I am also curious to know where you'll be at Sick Kids. I'm not really sure about all that Noah will be going through, so not sure what unit etc. Hope you'll have time to give us all some more info soon.

My helper/caregiver for Mark had surgery yesterday so I may have less time thab I hoped, but please let me know what you need.


Ramona said...

Wow that does sound like it's happening quickly. We'll be praying for you all.

Jamie said...

Wow - that's fast! That's good that Brad will be with you. I hope all the planning goes smoothly and the trip itself goes well!

Anonymous said...

Hello again! I hope you read your comments! I checked out the Sick Kids website because I knew they have info for families coming to stay. You may want to check out this link:

The first 2 are closer to the hotel, have better food options.

If you explore any of the hotel options, be sure to explain why you are coming to Toronto. Hopefully they'll get you the ebst rate they can.

Ready for more questions!

Linda said...

That's so great that you got in so quickly. Praying that you'll find some really great accomodations and flights.