Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Vote To Refresh GKTW

Please help refresh Give Kids The World Village with just a click of your mouse!!

By voting once a day, every day in June you can help Give Kids The World receive a grant of $250,000 through Pepsi to refurbish the Village villas.
For those of you who have followed Noah's journey, you know what a very special place GKTW village is to us and to so many other families. We are so grateful to them for the amazing week we spent at the Village, and the very precious memories that we will always cherish.

Please help us give back to the village!!

Follow these easy steps:

1) Visit
http://www.refresheverything.com/givekidstheworld and click the "Vote for this idea" button.
2) A pop up window will appear where you will enter your information and sign in.
3) After signing in, you will be taken back to the Give Kids The World page. Click "Vote for this idea" to submit your vote.
4) Tell your friends, family and colleagues to "Vote 2 Refresh" GKTW.
5) Repeat once a day, every day until June 30.

It really is that simple to help GKTW reach this amazing goal!!


Kathy's corner said...

He sure had fun, didn't he?? I am really missing him today. Just heard Jeremy Camps song on the radio,"There will be a day" Oh, Noah, I can hardly wait, I miss you buddy!!

Kim said...

I'm so glad you were able to experience Give Kids the World with Noah and the rest of your family - what precious memories you were able to create there. That last picture on the post is so typical Noah...I love it. I miss him too! And, I will be voting daily!

GKTW Communications said...

On behalf of GKTW, thank you for your support!

Ramona said...

That last photo on this post of Noah is so beautiful. And it brings me tears to know that you are not with him. This GKTW is quite a place of blessings- I'm off to vote.
You are still in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I have been voting, but now we are in 11th place. mom