Thursday, March 16, 2006

Home From Surgery!

We are home from the hospital! Noah is doing well. He still had another desat overnight, but only for a few seconds and he self resolves. So they weren't too concerned anymore and we just need to watch him closely at home. If we notice him having any bluish episodes we need to take him back in. He is a much happier boy since they took his nasal stents out and as long as he gets his tylenol, he's quite content. He doesn't even seem to be missing his soother anymore. The swelling is slowly starting to come down. He has to wear arm restraints (blue's clues restraints - a bit hit with the kids!) and the steri strips until our follow up appointment with Dr Ross in 2 weeks. The surgeon was also able to attach the lip muscle during surgery so that should help massage his gum line and teeth into a better position. We should notice a difference over the next few weeks.
We are so glad to have this latest hurdle behind us at last. Now we can enjoy Noah's new face!! Thanks to all for your many prayers and words of encouragement!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Noah,
You look greattt...
Praying for you daily. God bless each of your family.
Love + Prayers,
Auntie Bertha

thekeowns said...

oh my goodness!! it looks so good! i can't believe how good it looks.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Noah ,
You look wonderful.
What a little trouper
you are!
Prayers to the whole family.
Love,Auntie Martha.

D'arcy said...

He look SO great! It's amazing how far they have come with being able to do this. I myself am a cleft palate, though not lip, and so is my father, and my bf's cousin has both, and there is a HUGE difference in what they can do now, compared to 20 years ago. I am so glad everything is turning out so well for him! And your family of course!

Sandi - Septbabies

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Noah! You're still a beautiful lil man ;-). Glad you're home from the hospital and doing well. We were all thinking about you and praying for your speedy recovery ;-).


Anonymous said...

We are just amazed at the goodness of God. What a beautiful little guy you are. We love you Noah, and are so glad your home. love granny and grandpa

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Noah. You are a beautiful and brave little man. When you are older and a young man, you will be able to read your blog and know just how much you are loved. You were born to a very wonderful family.