Monday, March 06, 2006

One Week Till Surgery

One more week before our baby's face is changed forever. One more week before they erase what I love so much... that beautiful wide smile that encompasses the room and melts our hearts. I have grown to love and cherish Noah's cleft, the beautiful face I fell in love with at birth. The cleft that frightened and shocked me so much at our first ultrasound is now what I secretly long to keep. I have photographed it endlessly from every angle and yet it is still not enough. My mind knows that for function it must be done, and yet my heart still hesitates. Noah's cleft has taught us the meaning of true beauty, the beauty in all of God's creations and I will miss the cleft.


Erik, Jamie, Micah & Baby said...

What a great picture of Noah and Kailyn. Reading your post made me feel a little teary! You probably never would've thought you'd be so attached to his cleft, hey? He really is a cutie, and I'm sure it will take some time to get used to a new mouth.

thekeowns said...

love the pic of Noah and Kailyn! she sure loves him. I agree, i think it is going to be strange to see him without the cleft. It just seems so normal for him and I think it is rather adorable! we are praying that his surgary goes well.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful picture of Noah
and Kailyn.
My prayers are with you all
on Monday.

Auntie Martha

Anonymous said...

God is so amazing. I agree with you. We have also grown to love the cleft, and his big smile. You and Brad are amazing parents, and your courage has been a wonderful example to many. We love you Noah, and will see you before the surgery. love granny
P.S. Nichole, you should be a writer

Anonymous said...

Hi Noah,
You and your sister are very photogenic. I have printed the picture to take with me to my cell group meeting so they can all see your face while we all pray for you. Love you all.
Auntie Bertha