Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hospital Day 6

Once again, what we had hoped would be only a couple of days in hospital is turning into a longer stay than we had anticipated. How frustrating and disappointing it is to be back there again after only being home a few short days. The Infectious Disease Docters are still trying to figure out exactly what made Noah so sick so quickly. They are thinking it was likely a flu virus that brought him into hospital. He had diarrhea, lots of bile backing up into his stomach and a high fever. It took only a few hours for him to be severely dehydrated to the point that his body was beginning to shut down. But then on Wednesday, Noah began developing respiratory symptoms and was requiring a face mask for oxygen by Thursday. His chest x-ray indicated that he has pneumonia now again. The doctors are unsure whether this is viral pneumonia (RSV) or another aspiration. From what the xray shows, it looks like it is likely both. He is doing much better on the antibiotics and we are slowly weaning Noah off the oxygen.
But he has now developed an issue with his stoma site. It has been leaking so much that the skin is breaking down and causing lots of pain. Last night he required morphine to be able to sleep. And to make matters worse, because of all the leakage, the tape holding Noah's GJ tube came loose and his tube has slipped out of place. So tomorrow he will have the tube reinserted under floroscopy.
So no plans for when Noah will be discharged yet. Please keep the prayers coming!!!!!!


LauraJ said...

Oh big hugs to you all!! How utterly and completely frustrating. What a fighter! What a tough guy. He's such a sweetheart. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas no matter where you are, you will be with Noah and that's what matters most!

Kim said...

My heart is aching for you all right must be so hard to be in the hospital so near Christmas! Please know that we are thinking of you so often...many times daily Noah is impressed upon my heart and I pray for him and your family. We miss all of you!
Love & Hugs

claire said...

Noah's parents,

I work night shift with babies at a hospital here in Oregon. My heart goes out to moms and dads who come to visit their sick babies. Please know that my heart aches, breaks, and prays for you as you go through this roller coaster. May you continue to seek HIS sustaining and constant love.

Praying through the night,

Claire (kerri's friend)

rissa said...

My heart goes out to you all. I'm sending up daily prayers for my buddy Noah. May God continue to bless and be with you all.

Take care!

~Rissa and family

Anonymous said...

"Christ is the solid Rock on which we stand", God is a Healer. We do not know why Noah has to go through this deep painful vally, but we know that He is always there when you call Him. Noah's angels are also there. I pray for sweet, healing sleep for Noah. When it seems that you can't pray any more, the Holy Spirit intercedes for you. He hears you crying in the inside. He hears your moans and groans. He will sustain you. Trust in the Lord for He is good."His mercy endures forever".
I love you all and I am praying in Jesus name,
Love and prayers,
Auntie Bertha

Janice said...

Praying for you Noah!!! Keep fighting little man!

Your buddy Azlan

Heidi said...

We are praying for you all. Even though we have never met your family we check your blog often! Noah's story floods my heart day and night. We are praying for God's strength in you today and always!

Anonymous said...

How did the tube procedure go yesterday? We're thinking of you guys! Does it sound like he'll be in the hospital for awhile again?


rissa said...

Just dropping by to let you all know that you're in my prayers. I pray for a speedy recovery for Noah.

Take care and God bless!

~Rissa and family