Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blocked Central Line

Never a dull moment around here... one of Noah's lumens on his line (yes, his NEW central line) is completely blocked. We tried to access it last night and couldn't flush it at all. I could see a clot sitting in the cap, so I changed the cap and tried to flush it out with heparin, but no luck. How frustrating!! Fortunately, his other lumen works beautifully so we can still run his TPN, but we need to get this line working properly again. So first thing tomorrow morning we are headed to PDU (pediatric day unit) so that some TPA can be put in Noah's line to try to unblock it. Unfortunately this process can take a few hours, and sometimes it has to be repeated more than once, so I guess we'll be hanging out there for the day.

I took Noah to Superstore this afternoon while he was unhooked from his TPN. We hadn't been there for months, and yet a woman who works there recognized us and came over to remark on how much Noah had grown. I was shocked, as I had only spoken with her a couple of times many months back. But Noah's story had stuck with her and she had been wondering how he was doing. Strangers are very drawn to him. His smile is so infectious, that we usually end up striking up more than a few conversations when we are out. So many lives he has touched in only 2 years... When times seem tough and I find myself wishing for a more "normal" life, God sends these gentle reminders that what we are doing really matters. Noah's life will have an impact beyond what we could ever imagine.

Some new pictures...yep, he still loves to ride in Joshua's dump truck...and play dolls with Kailyn (or rather be one of Kailyn's dolls himself)


Rosanna Toews said...

Precious pictures.

rissa said...

I love the new pictures. Nichole, you and Brad have a beautiful family. Sorry to hear about the clot, but I'm glad you guys are still home and trying to get out and about. I'm still loving Noah's hair. He's too precious and you are right.. with a smile like his, how can you NOT just love him!

May God continue to bless you all.