Friday, September 28, 2007

Made It Through Another Week...

Noah is looking well and is no longer having fevers or breathing issues. However, his 2nd set of blood cultures done on Tuesday have still come back positive again. So despite the fact that he is looking well, his blood still continues to grow bacteria. So we are now looking to see if the infections has seeded somewhere else again or it may be that the infection in the line can't be cleared. His ECHO was clear, which is good news. A bone scan was done today, which we are still waiting for results. A 3rd set of cultures were drawn today so hopefully this one will come back negative.
We also started a bit of tube feeds, which at 5mL an hour, Noah seems to be tolerating. The insertion of the tube went fairly well. Although, the Lorazepam we gave him before the procedure to sedate him, ended up having the opposite effect. He was literally bouncing off the walls for 3 hours after we gave it, unable to settle himself. Don't think we'll be using that drug again!!
We have a team meeting scheduled for Monday morning to discuss the plan for this line and more long term plans. We are so tired of this place and days like today there seems to be no end in sight.


rissa said...

Nichole, I'm praying for you all. I know things can get hectic at times, but just know that God is holding you and your family so tight in HIS arms. I pray that you both go home soon!

Take care and God bless always.


Leanne said...

I don't know if I've ever commented but I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog and I pray for you often. I found your blog through Jamie's, and my thoughts often stray your way during the day (I really didn't mean for that all to rhyme...)
Hospital's are no fun. They are a breeding place for discouragement, disappointment and grief. I pray that through that darkness you will feel the light and warmth of the One who holds us in His hands. Your little Noah is such a darling. I am captivated by his smile and bravery.

claire said...

Hi Nichole,

I went to school in Sweden with Erin and used to be very good at reading your blog and praying for your son. It has been a long time but I happened to be catching up on Erin's blog and read the one about Noah's birthday. What a blessing. What a darling little boy you have! Please know that your family is still in my prayers and you are loved through them. You are such a strong mom. May God bless you today. Love Claire