Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 20

Not much to update these days. Noah is doing well and we are just waiting it out here. His bloodwork was sent yesterday to confirm the latest diagnosis. The Ampho continues to deplete Noah's potassium levels and so he continues to need daily potassium infusions. The latest we have heard is that Noah will need a total of 6-8 weeks of Ampho. We are hoping that if we can ever get him stable on the Ampho, that we could finish some of it as an outpatient, however we don't know how long that may take. So for now we just continue to put in our time here and try to be patient.


Brian and Melissa said...

I know days spent in the hospital are long. We're praying you'll be home soon and that the peace of God will be with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brad and Nichole,
Thanks for updating us thru your blog, we're praying for you! Will send you the bulletin... Jocelyn at church