Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Fevers

Noah had a pretty good day yesterday, but today has been spiking fevers once again, with his brand new line! His last cultures showed 2 different Strep bugs growing. Today we drew new cultures, so once again we wait for results. Until we can figure out what is going on, ID has added a third antibiotic (Vanc, Gent & Piperacillin). He is still needing the extra oxygen and is getting chest physio 3 times a day. His blood pressure has stabalized and platelets are coming back up to normal. The ECHO that was done in PICU showed another new clot in his right atrium.

Hoping the fevers are just viral. When his fever is down, he is actually in pretty good spirits despite it all! Thanks for all your prayers, visits and food!!


Anonymous said...

hi Nichole. We will continue to pray for all of you. i guess I won't see you before I go. Iam leaning tomorrow at lunch, so will email when I get home. mom

Jamie said...

We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. We continue to pray and believe that God is in control. Love Auntie Hilda

rissa said...

Hi Nichole,

Sorry to hear about Noah being back in the hospital. Praying for you all.

Take are and God bless!


Janelle said...

thinking of you! and praying for little Noah. :)