Monday, March 03, 2008

Doing Well!

This post is long overdue, however, it is more difficult to get on the internet now that we are back on the ward again. Noah continues to do well and look even better each day! He is completely off the morphine now. We have switched his Lorazepam to Phenobarb. This drug is usually used to treat seizures, however, it has the same effects on the body as Lorazepam but is supposed to be easier to wean off. Since we weren't having any luck with the Lorazepam weaning, we thought we'd give this a try. However, so far, Noah is proving to be a very difficult one to wean off the Phenobarb as well. Fluids are still an issue as well as hypercalcemia, which no one has any explanation for. He is still dependent on the Lasix to help his kidneys work. The hope is that with more time, all these things will settle out on their own.

Noah also has a surgery date for Tuesday, March 11th for a new central line and his g-tube stoma repair. We were hoping it would happen this week, however, anesthesia feels that Noah would do better if we wait a few days more before having to intubate him again for surgery. However, there is talk of a nursing strike here and the strike vote is set for March 10th. This means that as early as March 11th, nurses could be on strike. Praying that doesn't happen as it could put us in a real bind here!!


Kim said...

Hey Little Bean
It was so awesome to see you laughing and smiling today! I hope that your surgery date goes well and that the nurses don't go on strike (or that you have your surgery before they do). You are a precious little one and we love you.
Nichole - it was nice to see you today too. Sorry it's been so long! I think and pray for all of you daily.
Love Kim

Kathy's corner said...

yes, we will be praying that his surgery can happen soon, and that the nurses won't go on strike. we love you all, and pray things will settle for Noah soon, I hope you are keeping upyour strength as well. love you mom

Jamie said...

It's good to hear that you guys are morphine free :) And we'll be praying for the nurse's strike/surgerey situation. It was so good to see you guys last week and you'll be in our prayers and Noah continues to fight through his many issues.