Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rapid Improvement

Noah is looking great! His strength has returned quickly and he is up and playing in his crib these days. He is starting to get quite bored being isolated in his room, but he's got a great view of the front desk, so he can watch all the action. His latest cultures from PICU came back negative so his antibiotics and antifungal treatment will all be done this week. But we have much to sort out yet before Noah can get home. He is still O2 dependent all the time but with chest physio 3 times a day, he is getting rid of alot of crud and his lungs are sounding good. He is almost weaned off the morphine infusion and then we will have to work on the Lorazepam (which he is most addicted to). His fluid balance has also been an issue with rapid weight gains and losses of fluid so he is still lasix dependent. But at the same time, the lasix is causing issues with his calcium and electrolytes. This means daily changes in his TPN to try and find the right balance, so he needs to get to a more stable place before home TPN can happen. Noah also needs a more permanent central line and a stoma revision, but our surgeon isn't too keen on doing surgery right now and wants to give him at least another week to recover before she takes him back to the OR.

And so we wait out the days, unsure of how long we may be here yet, but just so happy to be headed in the direction of home! Seeing Noah giggle and play, it's almost impossible to believe that the past 3 weeks actually happened! I think perhaps it was all just a really bad dream! I thank God for this precious gift of time and I don't ever want to forget just how close we came to losing Noah.


Ramona said...

Wow- I just keep coming back and reading your updates and praising God for the gift of more Noah time! Even though you aren't at home yet and there are a lot of things going on to help Noah, may you be peaceful and be able to rest and relax as you treasure those smiles and giggles and even the cries!

Erin Keown said...

i am just in awe of God's power. Without him this would have never been possible.

hilda said...

I too just am in awe of how Noah has come around. We rejoice with you and will continue to keep you in our prayers. GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD. He is a MIRACLE WORKER. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Praise be to our GOD!!!
Auntie Hilda

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for your family. Peace and health to you.