Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Noah went to PICU this morning after another RRT call for respiratory distress. Yesterday he was having some distress as well and RRT saw him, but he settled on the ward. His platelets dropped dangerously low again and he recieved a platelet transfusion yesterday evening. He is also neutropenic, meaning his WBC count is very low and his bone marrow is having a difficult time fighting all the things that are going on right now, so he is very immunosuppressed.

He recieved another blood transfusion this morning because of his low hemoglobin, and that helped his respiratory issues somewhat, but he is still struggling. And according to ID, Noah has taken the "hat trick". His NPA came back growing Influenza A (which must have been what we through our household) which has led to a pneumonia. His blood cultures from Monday came back showing yeast STILL in his peripheral culture. And his blood culture from his line is growing Strep bacteria. So he has managed to develop a viral infection, a bacterial infection and a fungal infection all at the same time.

Now he is in PICU fighting just to breathe on his own. He barely opens his eyes as he is so exhausted from the work of breathing. He is remaining stable on O2, but he can't keep up this amount of work for much longer. If he doesn't improve and starts to tire out, he will need to be intubated to allow his lungs to recover. We are praying it doesn't come to that as that could mean a long haul for him.


Laura said...

I'm so sorry Nichole that you have to watch your son go through this. I've been having a tough week with Olivia and ear infections, I hate watching her be in so much pain, I feel completely out of control.
I can't even begin to fathom the emotions you must feel as you watch Noah struggle to breath. I am praying for you today, that their would be some peace for you amidst all this turmoil. Love you,


Kimberly said...


Anonymous said...

Praying for healing for Noah and peace and courage for you.

Kim said...

Praying for all of you. Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

May angels surround your precious little Noah and give him rest. May God hold all of your family in the palm of His Hand and wrap His love around you like a warm blanket. May you feel His presence more than ever through this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog for the first time today. My heart breaks for you. I can't even image what you are experiencing. Noah is in my personal prayers and our family prayers every day. Camille & Peyton never forget to pray that Noah feels better.
Even though we live so close and try to help out when we can, I feel like it's not enough. If there's anything you need day or night we are here. We are praying for all of you.