Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Thank you, Lord!! We have a working central line again! After a very long day in PDU, Noah's line was TPA'd and it worked! I thought there was no way this line would be saved, but much prayer went into it and it is now flowing beautifully! So it looks like all the frustration of this past week was worth it! We will go back to PDU on Monday for TPN bloodwork and if his line continues to work well, he will have his PICC line removed at that time.

We have had to go backwards with Noah's tube feeds and restart him on the TPN basics again. He was just having too much stomach drainage and diarrhea. So his tube feed is now running at 15mL/hour of Tolerex and we are doing 12 hours of TPN overnight. This is unfortunate, as I thought perhaps we were on our way to getting off the TPN. But it just goes to show how dependent we really are on Noah's central line. The other issue we are dealing with again, despite the Omegaven lipids that were started, is that Noah's triglycerides are sky high. So we are now running lipids every other night rather than every night to see if that will help bring them back down. This means we can't get as many calories into him, but hopefully it will be easier on his body. We haven't had this issue in months, so I don't know what is going on. Hopefully this is not a sign of something brewing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus!!What an awesome God we serve!!!!
love you buddy...Love Granny

Jamie said...

I just got caught up on your last two posts now - so does that mean you're back home? I hope so :) I'm thankful to hear that the repair kit did it's job. We're thinking of you guys all the time. And now I'm looking forward to seeing you all in a little over a month!