Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Status Quo

Nothing much really to blog about this week. Things are pretty boring around here which is always a good thing. Noah did spike a couple of fevers on Sunday and was draining alot from his stomach. I was starting to get into hospital preparation mode, but since then he has settled down. Kailyn has been spiking fevers today, so I think it's just a virus making it's way through the household. It's great to see that Noah is capable of fighting some of these things off and it gives me hope that now that he is growing and better nourished, eventually we may get to the point where the home days outnumber the hospital ones. Things are so settled here that I'm actually going back to work tomorrow evening! It's been a few months since I've picked up any shifts, so I'm a bit nervous about it. I hate having these long spells in between and then having to try to reorganize myself all over again at work. So I'm praying that it will all go relatively smoothly at work and at home.

We have Noah's TPN clinic tomorrow afternoon and then therapy on Thursday. Still bitterly cold here...


Kathy's corner said...

So glad things are settled down. Will be pryaing today for his TPN clinic. Also for Kailyn and Josh, praying he doesn't get this. Also, for you as yo go to work. I can just imagine that you are nervous, but the Lord goes with you. Love you, the weather here is sure a lot warmer than it is there. love mom

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that everything is going pretty good in your home. I pray that Kailyn gets rid of the 'bug' soon. I know you're nervous about returning to work. I think I'd be as well. But I'm also happy for you.

May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

Take care!