Thursday, January 17, 2008

On The Move!

We went to Rehab Center for Children yesterday to have Noah fitted for a walker. We were expecting a wait time of at least 2 months to have it built. But they happened to have a spare one that they modified yesterday morning to fit Noah so we were able to take it home right away. He absolutely loves his new view of the world, although he has only figured out how to move backwards in it. I'm sure in no time at all he will be zooming around and getting into all kinds of mischief! Right now he has the most fun being driven around by Kailyn & Joshua. More bloodwork tomorrow for hematology, and then another busy week of appointments is done. Still battling this cruddy cold, as are the rest of the kids. Mom & Dad, could you bring back some of that Florida air with you??


erin said...

wow!! that is quite the ride Noah!! and I would love to take some pics of you sometime. I think we could do loads of cute stuff!

Ramona said...

Oh Noah what a great invention! Your own bike!
Nichole and Brad- how exciting to see Noah moving around. Oh the places he'll go and the things he'll get into- yahoo!
And hey, your parents are welcome to drop some Florida air here in Winkler too!

Jamie said...

Very cool - he must love zooming around in that thing :)

Anonymous said...

Noah, I'm loving your ride. Check out those wheels! Glad to see you moving around.

Nichole, I'm so glad you guys are home and that Noah is doing well. Noah is getting so big. I love all the new pics. You have a beautiful family.

Take care and love you all!


Ed, Laurie, Ben and Aly said...

Brad and Nichole, we've just learned about your journey from Harold and Jocelyn who spent a few short hours with us in Kauai on Friday. I've read your entire blog with tears in my eyes. You have a beautiful miracle from God. My heart is just overwhelmed.

Laurie Buller