Thursday, January 24, 2008

TPN Clinic

Yesterday was TPN clinic.
Unfortunately, our surgeon who orders Noah's TPN was in emergency surgery, so she was unable to be there. That meant some of our questions went unanswered. However, we do have a new plan to try to work Noah off the TPN basics. Starting today, I will try to increase his GJ feeds by 1mL/hr. So we went up to 16mL/hr today and I will leave him at this for a week. If all is well (not too much stomach drainage or diarrhea), then we will move up another mL next week. If we can get him to at least 25, then we can stop the basics again.

He is also gaining about 8 grams a day which is appropriate for him, bringing him just shy of 16lbs, so we will continue to run lipids every other night for now to help keep his triglycerides in check. The less TPN we have to give him, the better. His bloodwork from last week looked great.
And I made it to work last night! It felt great to be back, so hopefully I'll be able to get there more often, although extra hours are scarce right now.

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