Saturday, August 02, 2008

Something Brewing Again

Just a quick update.  Noah and Nichole went back to the hospital on Thursday with an unknown infection causing Noah to be lethargic and just not himself.  It is indeed a gram negative bacterial infection.  The exact bug is yet to be determined and with that a plan of action for treatment.  I will try to keep the blog updated as I know more.  For now, we simply ask for prayers for Noah's health and for comfort for Nichole as she spends these beautiful summer days in the hospital once again.  It seems like each hospital admission becomes a little more routine and with each one a few less ripples in the waters.  It may seem to some like it is just "what we do" but we continue to seek your prayers as much today as ever before. 


Anonymous said...

Our prayers for Noah and allof you are never ending. We admire your strength and your courage through all of this, and we know that God is very much a part of your lives. He will continue to give you his strength that you need. Welove you and will pray that this stay will be short, and they will find a plan for treatment quickly, and that he will beable to keep his line. Love mom and dad

Anonymous said...

All the way from Charlotte, NC..we're praying for our buddy Noah. May God continue to bless you all. I pray for a speedy recovery for him.

Love you all!

~Rissa and family..

Jamie said...

Thanks for the update - we'll be thinking of you guys.