Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We have acquired a household of bugs here...Joshua is home with a stomach bug. (Started yesterday during their school Christmas concert. Poor guy threw up on stage! Very traumatic!) I am still trying to kick a nasty cough. And Noah has now gone to the other temperature extreme and started spiking fevers yesterday. So today is a pedialyte day which will hopefully keep him hydrated.

Off to TPN clinic this afternoon...Noah looks a mess. Praying he will kick this!


Kim said...

Hugs and prayers to all of you. Hopefully you will get some answers today at TPN clinic. Thanks for being so up-to-date on your blog...

Ramona said...

Ok, I should know already not to miss checking your blog for a day... Sounds like your whole family is keeping you busy being a nurse. Praying that you feel Jesus' presence in the midst of all this.