Sunday, December 07, 2008

Noah's Wish

More on Noah's wish...

We were first contacted by The Rainbow Society (another wish granting organization). However, after a brief conversation, I was told Noah did not qualify for a wish because he is unable to verbalize. I was shocked and disturbed at this policy and I hope that those who donate to this society understand how this foundation works. Of course, I wasn't going to give up so easily. Knowing that Noah is deserving of a wish, I contacted the Children's Wish Foundation, who have been absolutely wonderful, and with our doctor's approval, Noah immediately qualified.

The Children's Wish Foundation grants children with life-threatening illnesses one special wish...a travel wish, a celebrity wish, or an item. We've all had lots of fun thinking about what Noah's wish might be. Yes, we all had our own wish lists and I had a few tropical islands in mind!! But this is not our wish...Where would Noah be happiest?? And where would Kailyn & Joshua, (who deserve this wish just as much as Noah), be happiest??

Well, "The Happiest Place on Earth" of course!

So after hearing about a wonderful place in Orlando called Give Kids The World (a resort just for wish children and their families, complete with everything any child has ever dreamed of), we filled out Noah's wish request. His official wish is "A Trip To Disneyworld to see Tigger and the animals at Animal Kingdom". The kids have been bouncing off the walls with excitement.

We now wait for Noah's wish to be approved by the foundation, and then we can request travel dates. We'd love to go this winter if it can be arranged, especially while Noah has no central line, but with so many unknowns right now, I don't know when it will happen.

A blessing amist the appointments, disappointments and hospital stays.

Colds have hit the household in full force here. Praying Noah can fight his off.


Ramona said...

This would be such an amazing wish for your whole family. I'll be praying you get this wish granted and that Noah is "healthy" so you can have fun together, away from the hospital and being cared for.

Anonymous said...


Going to Give Kids the World will be a great experience for the two of you and the kids. Everything from the chairs, sidewalks, buildings, furniture, etc is all made to look like the kids are in a fairyland. Even the movie theatre shows kid's shows and is designed for kids. It is wonderful.

I believe that they have a doctor and nurses on call 24-7. There are lots of kids in wheelchairs, kids with all sorts of medical problems along with their siblings and families. Kristin had her cancer surgery the year before, went thru radiation treatments in the summer/fall of 2000 and her trip was in Feb 2001.

The ice cream parlor is open basically all day long for the kids to help themselves with all the toppings whenever.

We were given spacious 1/2 of a side by side deluxe apartment type house to stay in. It was nicely landscaped with a spot for our rental car just outside the door.

One night they kept the kids and sent Glen and I on an all expense paid evening out, including the seafood meal at the restaurant of our choice. They sent our family out to a character breakfast in Disney one morning too.

They had available more free admission tickets to go to more places than we could do in a week. When we went to the alligator farm, Kristin was able to get a free picture of herself with a boa around her neck while holding a baby alligator. We went to NASA also, but our kids were 13-16 years old. Noah and the other kids would enjoy Disney World much more.

We were given a free picture of our family taken with Mickey and Minnie when the characters came to GKTW. Other characters will pop into GKTW unannounced. The kids love it! Each day when we would get back to our apartment, there would be gifts waiting for them on the beds. All kinds of Disney stuff and GKTW characters, from stuffed toys to cars for the boys and even a magic wand for the princess.

They were planning an expansion with new buildings of some sort, when we were there and I would think that they would be in full use already.

Westman Dreams for Kids is linked to GKTW and so, paid for our stay there. The Children's Wish Foundation will have a similar setup with GKTW. Westman Dreams for Kids paid for a rental car for us for the week and our flights to and from Florida also.

After the week at GKTW, we opted to remain in Florida and travel for a week, just delaying our flight home. We travelled to the east coast and south doing things like going through the Edison home/yard and sifting the sand for shark's teeth at one of the beaches.

Our kids still talk about that trip occasionally. GKTW really filled Kristin's wish as I am sure it will fill Noah's.


Anonymous said...

Wow,I will be praying that you can get Noah's wish granted this winter, that would be awesome. Love the pictures of him, he is adorable.

Doris G said...

The ANIMAL KINGDOM!!! What a great choice for Noah. What else would be appropriate for the boy who watches Baby Einstein Noah and the Animal Kingdom over, over, and over again. I am always in wonder at how often he watches it like it was for the first time. He is always so enthralled with it all. Imagine what it will be like when he sees them all in REAL life. How exciting. My love to you all and no family is more deserving of such a wish. Everyone has always perserved with all of the challenges that Noah presents, but he is SOOOO loved by all. Will stay in tune for further details. Congrats Noah!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it so sad that you had that experience with the Rainbow Society. We had the exact opposite experience of yours. Make a Wish would not grant our son anything because he can not verbalize, but the Rainbow Society (of Alberta) was most gracious in listening to our requests, and came through with a hot tub for both him and the rest of the family.
Again, I am sorry.

laura.h said...

Oh wow!!
Good picking of the wish...and you're right Kailyn and Josh deserve it just as much as Noah. Am glad you were able to decide on something for the whole family. It sounds like so much fun!!! Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas!