Saturday, December 27, 2008

PICU Day 9

Still here...not much change. Still on CPAP and needing hourly ventolin masks. No one is suprised that this adenovirus is still playing havok on his asthmatic lungs. Apparently it can take a while to run it's course. But we are all surprised that he looked so good on Wednesday, and now we have backtracked. I figure Noah's good day on Christmas was his little gift to us! He's a very tired little guy today and is now using up so much energy just to breathe. Weight continues to drop and we are down to 13lbs 5oz (6.05kg).

The kids come home tomorrow...can't wait to see them!!


Kathy's corner said...

Good night Nichole. The kids had a full day today. We missed you guys so much. My prayer for Christmas this year was that you could be here,but the Lord had other plans. Our hearts are with you. see you tomorrow. love mom

teresajoy said...

I'm sure it will be wonderful to see the kids!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didnt get Christmas at home. Seeing Noah awake and alert was a big treat for you and for us.
Continued hopes that he gets over this virus and starts to breathe better again.


Grandma daisy said...

Nichole, it was so nice to see your beautiful children dressed so nice at the Christmas eve Program. Granny and grandpa are doing a great job with them. We are praying that you will get a rest as you sit with a very sick son in PICU and that God will continue to hold you up.

Maroo said...

Still praying for you guys!! I hope that Noah starts to feel much better soon! :)

Jamie said...

I'm glad you get to see everyone soon. Erik and I are thinking of you guys lots and wishing we could be closer.
Happy birthday tomorrow - I hope Noah gives you the gift of smiles and some noticeable improvement :)