Monday, April 20, 2009

Quiet Weekend

It's been a quiet few days around here, which we certainly needed. Kailyn & Joshua are feeling better, and no one else has managed to catch whatever bug they had. Noah is still feeling well and is into everything, tearing apart the cupboards these days. It is so good to see him doing things he hasn't done in months. CPAP continues to be a bit of an adjustment...many alarms during the night when the mask starts to leak, and skin breakdown on his nose. Noah loves the CPAP when he is sick, but when he is well, it is an all out battle getting it on and getting him to sleep. Hopefully as this all becomes routine, it will get easier.

I am slowly falling into routine here again, although I still haven't relaxed with Noah. I think the fact that the issue from his last admission remains a mystery, so there is no telling whether it will happen again. So everytime he starts to cough, I find myself looking for bleeding.

Our camera has been having issues, hence the lack of pictures lately. I think it is officially time to lay it to rest. So I am on the lookout for a new one through the airmiles website. (Gotta spend those airmiles on something!) But since I am just so indecisive, there will likely be no pictures for a while! But I do have many more Disney pictures to post, so I will start working on those again soon.


kimmylaj said...

so glad to hear life is calming down and i cant wait to see more disney pics , (no rush though) i just love those cute kiddos. take care and try to get some rest

Anonymous said...

Just to hear that Noah is getting into everything just thrills me, but I can understand how you are still anxious. Praying he can get used to his CPAp.. Always praying Mom

Cathy said...

Yaaaa...that Noah is thriving and continuing to get into everything! Hope Kailyn and Joshua feel right as rain soon too! Praying for you all! :) Hope you have some time to enjoy being home! Is it warming up at all there?

Jules and Danny said...

So happy to hear that things are becoming routine AT HOME, even if the routine is far from what so many would call normal. It must just be so wonderful to be with all three of your kiddies again and be able to care for K and J when they are sick with the flu. I pray that Noah gets used to the CPAP at home.

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are finally home!!!!

Patty Woods

The Keowns said...

glad the kids are feeling better. If you need camera advice, let me know....I know my cameras pretty well (even the point and shoots) Airmiles has a pretty good selection as well