Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Ok, mother nature. Is this some kind of cruel April fools joke??? Another snowstorm...oh the joys of Manitoba weather. Spring can't come soon enough!! Hope you are enjoying California, Brad!

Noah is still hanging in there...very up and down...quite attached to his oxygen and ventolin...draining yucky brown crud from his NG tube...very little energy. Bloodwork tomorrow and then TPN clinic appointment on Monday. I am curious to see what his bloodwork looks like.

I have added more to Noah's wish trip, so be sure to check it out!


Jolene said...

Yeah for being at home! Interesting coincidence that we were both painting this week.

Linda (khalana) said...

Nothing suprises me about the Manitoba weather anymore, lol! I actually caught myself thinking that this was an everlasting winter and that spring wasn't coming (for real!) and I wasn't even heartbroken about it. :)

Praying that your little guy will be feeling better soon and happy that you're still home. :)