Thursday, August 13, 2009

Balloon Release

"...And with your final heartbeat

Kiss the world goodbye

Then go in peace, and laugh on Glory's side,

and Fly to Jesus

Fly to Jesus

Fly to Jesus and live!"

Chris Rice ~ Come to Jesus


Cheryl said...

Brad, Nicole, Kailyn & Joshua
There are no words that are "right" at this time. You have been in our prayers for years & even moreso in the last week, & will continue to be. Thank you for being a shining light & for being a most amazing example of Christ's love & also for allowing others to feel the joy of knowing Noah, even though we never met him. I pray that you will experience the power of God working in your lives that Paul speaks of in Ephesians 1:17-20.
Joe & Cheryl Enns

Anonymous said...

The pictures remind me of Noah's spirit. free and alive, soaring to heaven. He was so blessed to be your son, and I am so very proud of the mother you were to him, and my heart aches as a granny and a mom, but I am so glad that we all know Jesus, and trust him to carry us through.Love mom

As we wait on the Lord
We renew our strength
We will walk through miles
We will stand up straight
We will not grow weary
We will not grow faint
On the wings of an eagle we will rise....
Steve Bell

Anonymous said...

Oh Nichole, what you wrote is just beautiful. I love the balloon release...with all the balloons flying up to Jesus just as Noah flew to Jesus. You are in my thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous said...

Love the beautiful pictures from the balloon release. As I've stated before, I've met any of you but still cry to this day when I think about Noah. He has truly touched so many lives. Thanks again for sharing your strength and Noah with each of us. May God continue to hold you all in HIS mighty arms.

Love you all!


Kim said...

Those are such beautiful pictures...very peaceful. Continuing to lift you in prayer...Love to you all...

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures, as was the ceremony at the cemetary. You were such good parents to Noah, he could not have asked for a better family. We are still praying for you lots, and my heart aches for you..
Erica & Wayne

Anonymous said...

This was a beautiful thing to do. There are no words that fit right now, but you're all in my family's prayers. Thank you for sharing Noah with us.

Jules and Danny said...

Your strength and faith continue to astound me. I hope that sharing your stories and thoughts about Noah, and your grief, allows you much comfort. You have so many people who are loving your family and praying for all of you every moment of every day.
Still praying,

Christie Tuttosi said...

Thank you for continuing to include us in your family's journey...the balloons were awesome! I bet Noah loved them. Could you feel Jesus holding you up that day? I am sure He was there with you He is now.

Prayers still,

Janice said...

I'm speechless.

Ramona said...

These pictures are beautiful. What an amazing visual that as you miss and long to still have Noah with you, you know he is so alive and pain free and waiting for you in heaven with Jesus. And as much as we want our loved ones to stay here with us, Noah's life story is full of hope and longing for what he now has- our longing for heaven and for the full life one can only obtain in heaven. My heart goes out to you and how I wish there was a way to heal your hearts and the holes left empty and raw... Know that I too am still praying for you and hope that you feel Jesus holding you and carrying you each moment.

nicole said...

What a wonderful tribute this was to Noah. So beautiful.
Still praying.

Anonymous said...

I am still praying for you. I cannot possibly imagine your days and how empty they must now feel without Noah. You are deeply cared for and thought of often!

Alison (aka twinmum) said...

Nichole, Brad,Kailyn and Joshua;
I agree with so many of the comments made. No, there are no "right" words. The pictures remind me also of Noah's spirit soaring to Heaven You were the very special mother that God selected for Noah here on earth until he came to Him in Heaven. We are all learning from your example in loving our children and in having faith in God's mission for us, however difficult and heartbreaking it may be.

I thank you for opening up your heart to us and pray that our support gives you strength.

We spent the weekend visiting with friends whose 17 year old daughter's cancer has returned after 8 years. She is now in stage 4. We prayed together for strength and peace, and talked about giving our children the best life thay can have while they are with us. Thank you for sharing your example with me so that I could be stronger for my dear friend.

With prayers,

Jolene said...

My heart aches for your loss for you and your family! I found your blog while searching about balloon releases. We Lost one son Noah Gabriel to Meckel Gruber in 2008 and now We are expecting our third ( Quinton Oliver) in a few weeks that has the same condition. I had wanted to do a balloon release for Noahs funeral but it was winter so I wasn't able to. So for Quintons funeral we are doing one for both of them. I pray that God will continue to give you peace and comfort as the years go on!