Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fun

A few pictures of our Halloween night. No, Noah didn't get to go trick or treating, he stayed behind with Doris, our home care nurse. But we did have to get him dressed up to snap a couple of pictures!


Anonymous said...

GOOD MORNING This is Nichole's mom. Noah was doing wonderfully the last few days, and we thought the worst was over, but this morning he was spiking a high fever, and began to struggle with his breathing. Nichole's bag is alwys packed ready to go in case, so they are on there way to the hospital. Also, pray for Brad who is in Florida at a course, and that Noah's stay in the hospitla own't be to long.

rissa said...

Sorry to hear about Noah being in the hospital. I too thought the worse was over.

Please let Nichole know that Rissa is thinking about her and praying for Noah.

God bless!