Thursday, October 04, 2007


Noah had his scan done today, which came back clean. So he was officially discharged this afternoon and we are home again! Noah is looking great and we are so happy to finally be home! He will be on IV Cloxacillin every 6 hours for another week and then we are going to try giving prophalactic Septra three times a week (an antibiotic through his GJ tube). This will be in the hopes of preventing infections. However, there are risks of growing "superbugs" with long term antibiotic use that would be much more difficult to treat. We are going to give it a try for now though.
Our ID doctor today told us that there is a 50% chance of this Staph infection reoccurring in this line. Not great odds, but hopefully we will get a bit more time out of this line yet before we will be forced to change it.

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Anonymous said...

thank you Jesus. We are so glad you are home, love mom