Sunday, December 02, 2007

Day 32

Things are looking pretty good here. Noah did have a fever spike on Saturday, but since then he's been stable again, so hopefully it was nothing. Things are in the works to try and spring Noah out of here hopefully by the end of this next week. We started some continuous tube feeds yesterday with a formula called Tolerex. We tried this formula about a year ago, and it went well until we tried adding the oil component. So we decided to try the formula again without the oil, the goal being to get rid of his basics (the sugar part of his TPN) and just run lipids through his central line. This would hopefully put him at lower risk of developing line infections if we don't have glucose running through his line. So far he is up to 9mLs an hour through his GJ tube and he's having a bit more retching, but overall, tolerating it not too badly.

Tomorrow Noah will also be able to start recieving his Ampho 3 times a week rather than everyday. If his electrolytes remain stable with this change then we should be able to get him on the home IV program and finish the ampho and antibiotics at home. At the very least, Noah should be able to start getting home on passes in the next few days.

Kailyn & Joshua spent the day at the hospital yesterday and had a great time running endlessly in the hospital tunnels. They spent over an hour running in circles. I could barely drag them back to Noah's room! Who knew how much entertainment hospital tunnels could provide!

Again, thank you to all who have dropped food off both at the hospital and at home. We appreciate it so much! And thank you all for your continued prayers. Another friend of ours from my TPN support group has passed away this week. Please keep Zach's family in your prayers as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi all! Im happy to hear that Noah is doing well. I hope he gets to go home soon. May God continue to bless you all.


Anonymous said...

So good to hear Noah is doing better, and we are praying constantly that he can come home, and you can be a family again. We love you. love mom

Anonymous said...
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