Monday, December 10, 2007

Officially Home...For Now

Well, Noah was looking well this morning, just running his usual low grade fever (38C) that he's had all weekend, so he was officially discharged over the phone. 3 hours later, what does he decide to do?? He spikes to 39.5C and has been sleeping all day. I was running his Amphoterrible at the time, so I'm hoping it was just a bit of a reaction, although he hasn't had a problem with the Ampho for a while now. So now we are just sitting tight, waiting to see what he will do. We did manage to get the Christmas tree up yesterday, and I have done some internet Christmas shopping. But there is still so much we want to do in the next couple of weeks. So I'm just holding my breath and praying that we will not have to go back in. What's even worse is if we had gone back this morning, we could have just gone straight back to his bed on the ward. But if we go in now, we have to go through the ER again. Uggg!!
The good news is that Noah is now completely off the TPN basics!! His tubefeed is now running at 30mL/hr and he is tolerating it quite well. So now he is just on the TPN lipids that run over 10 hours at night to get in his fat requirements. Our surgeon has decided to try keeping his central line running all the time with D5W (dextrose and water solution) rather than locking it with Heparin when he is not on the lipids to hopefully prevent clots from forming. So right now he is hooked to the pole and pumps 24hrs/day, but soon we will have a portable Infusemate to use during the day so that he will be more portable.

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Jamie said...

I hope you guys can stay put for a little while!