Tuesday, December 18, 2007


We braved the mall on Monday evening to take the kids to see Santa. I thought Noah might freak out, but he was thrilled and, of course, tried to grab his glasses. He did manage to get a nice handful of Santa's beard and I had to pry Noah's hand loose, just avoiding a major catastrophe!! The Christmas countdown is on and the kids can hardly wait!! Just praying that Noah will stay relatively healthy. He's still got a cold brewing with the odd low fever. Seems to be his "norm" these days.

Noah's appointment Monday morning went well. All seems relatively stable right now. We are holding his feeds at 26cc/hr, along with the supplemental lipids. We are still needing to add the extra potassium and sodium chloride into his Tolerex to balance his electrolytes. He will have his bloodwork repeated again on Thursday. He has stopped gaining weight, but he's been maintaining since we got home at 15lbs 12oz (7150gms). Hopefully soon we will be able to work the feeds up again and start nudging up his weight.

The Ampho is still a miserable experience everytime, but we are counting down the treatments. Only 5 more to go!!


Jamie said...

What a great picture - it turned out so well! We'll be praying that you can stay home for Christmas!

Leanne said...

I'll add my prayers that you can stay home this Christmas.
Wishing you joy this season.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute, and he is looking so great. We are praying constantly for all of you, that your Christmas will be ownderful and that Noah will stay home. love grnany

Ramona said...

You were brave in getting to Santa in the mall!
I'm praying that you will all be healthy over Christmas and into the New Year.
Any plans for a Boissevain stop over at Christmas or is that too far from the hospital? (we're there on the 27th)

hilda said...

What a wonderful picture of the kids with santa. Keeping you in our hearts and praying that Noah will be fine all season. Enjoy Christmas and the Reason for the Season. Auntie Hilda

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad that he is doing well and got to see santa! the pic is great! i'll continue to pray for you!
nicole (sept moms)