Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Who Mentioned the "H" Word??

OK, someone around here must have mentioned the "h" word to Noah!! I think he does this every single time we start making plans to go home!! He has started spiking fevers again last night and all day today. He's been pretty miserable and not sleeping much at nights. His nose is very cruddy and so hopefully it is just a virus. But we did new blood cultures this morning, so again we wait...praying that our line is ok!! If the cultures come back negative and Noah's fevers settle, then the plan is for discharge on Friday. We are still tying up all the loose ends here. The tube feeds are going pretty well and Noah is already up to 19mL/hour. The goal is 33, so we aren't that far away. If we can get there, then we can get rid of the TPN basics, and just run lipids through his central line. So far the Tolerex is living up to it's name!!


Anonymous said...

And so we keep on praying. Sometimes wonder why God takes his time in answering, but God is in control. We are praying that God would give you a miracle. If the tube feedings are working, does he need the line? mom

Jamie said...

I hope it's nothing! I'll be praying you can go home tomorrow.