Wednesday, April 09, 2008

3 Weeks!

Noah has been home from hospital for 3 weeks now. This is usually about the time he ends up going back in, but so far so good! Brad has been away in Texas so I've been a bit nervous, but apart from a bit of a line scare a couple of nights ago, all is well. As for the line scare, Noah's line running his Infusemate must have gotten kinked off sometime during the day. Since there is no alarm on it to tell me if it is actually running, I had no idea it was kinked and not running. So when I tried to hook up his lipids in the evening, the pump wouldn't run and his line was blocked. The thought of having to go to the ER with a clotted line had me panicked! But after about 45 minutes of working on it (flushing with heparin) and lots of prayers I finally got it going and now it seems to be working well again. On Friday we are getting a new portable pump to try out instead of the Infusemate, which will hopefully have an alarm on it!
Noah is busy, busy, busy these days. A big change from last time he was home when he still spent alot of time lying on the floor. Now he is in constant motion and gaining strength each day. He is now weight bearing and will stand for a couple of minutes at a time against the couch or coffee table. It's exciting to see so much progress in this area. He is looking like such a big boy!!

Our most recent stats: At 2 1/2 years, Noah is 28 inches long and 16lbs 7oz (7.47Kg).


Kim said...

Oh Noah-Bean - you are such a cutie-patootie! We have been so blessed to watch you grow and be part of your life. Looking forward to seeing you all weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that Noah is doing well. I think about you all daily. May God continue to bless you all.

Take care!

Cutie-patootie! I love that one Kim ;-).


Kathy's corner said...

Absoloutely amazing. May God be praised!!! Love granny

Anonymous said...

What a miracle!!!!! Nothing is impossible with God!!! My faith has increased just seeing where Noah was and where he is now. We give HIM thanks. Enjoy your cutie-patootie. I love that name for him. love Auntie Hilda

Janice said...

Oh you precious precious little boy!!! I loved seeing pics--I can't believe how big he is Nichole! Congrats on a few wks healthy~I hope it is just the beginning of many!


Verna said...

Awesome to see Noah looking so healthy, God is Good

Jamie said...

I'm so glad to hear you guys are still riding it out on the home-front :) Those pictures of Noah are great. He's starting to look so much older. I can't believe he's standing up like that!