Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hospital Update

It's been a long stressful week and I've been without computer access, hence the lack of updates. Noah was admitted on Monday, requiring oxygen, fluids and antibiotics. Unfortunately, an error was made in the ER, and instead of recieving a 150cc fluid bolus, he got 500 over an hour. This is a huge amount of fluid for someone his size. He began having even more difficult breathing once we got on the ward, which we thought was likely from the fluid overload. So the resident decided to restrict Noah's fluids overnight. By Tuesday morning, Noah was once again getting dry, but it took all day for the service to sort things out and get some fluids running. All these things, plus the fevers and high respiratory rate have put Noah in quite a spiral with his fluid balance. His potassium dropped to a frightening 1.8, and we are still having trouble getting his electrolytes sorted out. He has recieved multiple potassium boluses and yet his potassium is still not up to a normal value. No one has figured out where he is losing all this potassium. But, as we know so well from the past, Noah tends to have wierd and wacky blood work results when he is septic.

And yes, septic he is once again. His cultures came back growing a staph bug (MSSA). Staph is a nasty bug that likes to seed in bones and in the heart. So Noah had a bone scan done today. It showed some hot spots on his knees, hips and his left big toe of all places. We are unsure if these are infections or signs of chronic anemia. He will also have an ECHO tomorrow to check the status of his heart. I was planning to write that he has been fever free for the past couple of days, however, this evening Noah spiked a fever once again and so once again, we are waiting on new blood cultures. He is still very lethargic and just plain miserable. We did get a couple of smiles today with Cecelia from music therapy showed up with her guitar!

It's been a particularly difficult and stressful hospital stay. I've been having to fight so hard just to be heard and it is both frustrating and exhausting. Memories of what we went through during our last stay make being here so much worse, and there are many here that I don't trust and likely never will. But Noah..our strong, brave little fighter...his health is still most important here, and so I will continue to do whatever I have to do to advocate for him and protect him the best I can.


Christie Tuttosi said...

I continue to admire your strength, and the strength of Noah. I pray that God guides the hands of the nurses and doctors who are trying to care for him, and that this stay is a short one. God has worked miracles before for Noah, He will do it again. Remember that there are people praying for you all, and take comfort in God's greater plan.

Janice said...


My heart just breaks for you and your family. You have special crowns waiting for you in Heaven-I hope you know that.

I teared up looking at all the recent pics of Noah--what an angel. That little cleft smile just connects him to Azlan :)

I can't imagine being in there again and feeling as though you are 'not being heard'--I will definitely pray that God will take over.

Feel the hug from so far away. To you and Noah--You are his angel!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Noah has a nasty bug again. I pray that he starts to feel better soon so you both can go home. Nichole, please know that God is there every step of the way with you. And you're right, Noah is a true fighter. I pray that God gives you the strength you need to be strong for Noah while he's back in the hospital.

Sending you warm hugs and blowing sweet kisses. Take care and God bless!


Janelle said...

thinking of you & praying for Noah today - and strength & patience for your family as well!!! :)

Verna said...

as always, we will keep on praying for Noah and the whole family.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you so often Nichole. My prayers are with you and Noah.