Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spring Break

Just got back from our mini vacation... we spent a couple of days at my parents and a couple of days at Brad's parents. All went well and Noah is doing great!

Our afternoon with Great Grandma

Noah with cousin Judah...holding the toy he loved to bang on Judah's head, poor kid!

Noah loved the sunken living room step. He did take a couple of tumbles off it onto the carpet.

Here's trouble! Cousin Maddy and Olivia

Grandma Harder with Noah

Emptying Grandma's cupboards. Pie anyone??

Kailyn & Noah with cousin Bethany

The Loewen grandkids (minus baby Natalie)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Noah is doing well! Love all the pictures.

Take care and God bless!


Jamie said...

Great pictures - I'm so glad you guys could get away for a bit. The kids must've loved it :)

Brian and Melissa said...

Noah looks so good--I can't believe how big he's gotten! I love the picture of him playing with the pots! So glad he's at home and doing well! :-)