Monday, April 21, 2008

Kidney Day

Today was kidney day...Noah had his kidney ultrasound done and it came back with interesting results. Both kidneys look like at one point they sustained some damage. His right kidney is 1 1/2cm smaller than his left, and his spleen is larger than normal. And, another suprise...he has a kidney stone in his left kidney. What does all this mean? We aren't exactly sure, however, his kidneys are still doing their job, and his bloodwork looks ok, so for now, there is really nothing to be done other than be aware of the problem. It's worrisome to hear, however, not that suprizing considering all the stress those kidneys have endured. Hopefully the kidney stone doesn't cause Noah any grief anytime soon. He also had a VCUG test done today, which was normal (no sign of kidney reflux).

Over the weekend, we noticed that Noah wasn't at all interested in weight bearing as he had been before he got sick. As well, Noah's ESR doubled from Saturday to Sunday, shooting up to 110. These findings are leading everyone to believe that Noah liekly does have another osteomyolitis (bone infection). He will have x-rays done tomorrrow to see if anything can be pinpointed. If an osteo is confirmed, we will be looking at 6 weeks of IV antibiotics. However, once Noah's ESR begins to normalize, we should be able to finish out the course of Cloxacillin at home.

Despite all this, Noah is looking great and getting very bored cooped up in this room. We've been able to start up a very small amount of feeds today, which we will work on slowly increasing as we start to decrease his TPN.


Kim said...

Hang in there friend. May the Lord shower you with comfort and grace. Praying that his x-ray is clear.
Hugs, Kim

Kathy's corner said...

We pray constantly for all of you. May God be your strength and your comfort. Although His ways are beyond our understanding, His ways are best. Mandisa sings it well,"He will do, and he'll use whatever he wants to, to say I love you. God is speaking, I love you. Give Noah a special hug from granny. Hope to see you soon.

Jamie said...

Thinking of you guys today. I hope that kidney stone stays put for awhile - that would NOT be fun for the little guy!

Rosanna Toews said...

May His grace be sufficient today. Thinking of you.

mick said...

Nichole ,

I don't personally know you, but I met your husband a few weeks ago. He came to our training facility in Dallas, TX. My heart goes out to your family in the situation you have before you. My wife is currently 36 weeks pregnant and we are anxiously waiting. You here people talk alot about faith and endurance, but I don't know if they have truly experienced a trial such as yours. Your love for God is evident in your attitude towards a very difficult situation. I just want you to know that you and Noah have encouraged me today. I pray that I would have the strength and peace you are bodly demonstrating if ever faced with a similar quest. Just know that there is a family in Texas lifting you up in prayer and believing for a supernatural miracle in Noah's health condition.

The Moffitt Family
Dallas, TX

Mick said...
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