Sunday, July 06, 2008

Adventures in California alright!!

Today we headed off to California Adventure park (Disneyland's Sister Park right beside). Even Kailyn and Joshua ventured on to the Tower of Terror and loved it.

Then in the afternoon, the real adventure started... Noah broke his central line completely off.

We are so grateful for the gift of this trip and could only shake our heads as such a strange yet serious complication showed up now. This line goes to (comes from) Noah's central circulation and was completely open. We caught it right away, and clamped it / taped it / secured it and formulated a plan. After a quick pit stop at the hotel for his records, medications, and a quick Google mapping, it was off to UCLA Medical center where Noah and Nichole are right now. UCLA is not the closest hospital, but does have one of the best pediatric centers in the world. We still have not received any plan for treatment / repair or even started the insurance roller coaster ride, but as always will trust in God's goodness and take it one step at a time. Kailyn, Josh, and I even returned to Disney to get the most out of our tickets.

Please pray for a speedy solution, Noah's health, everyone else's mental health, and a salvaging of the remaining vacation. Perhaps this trip to this hospital will give us some insight or information that will be very helpful in Noah's future, only God knows the reason. It is a good reminder in the lessons of patience, relinquishing control, and counting blessings.


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Anonymous said...

We will pray. Even in this, God is in control. Have no fear. Keep in touch and let us know what is happening. We know that with God, all things are pssible. love mom