Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Old Town

Today we spent touring the older part of San Diego. Our hotel was right down the street from Old Town Historic Park as well as the Sheriff's Museum. A much more relaxing pace than the theme parks!The jail cell at the sheriff's museum. The kids thought the food in the cell looked pretty fun!
Hope we don't see this pose again anytime soon!

In the courthouse...doesn't someone look guilty!

The old schoolhouse

Joshua trying out his carpet beating skillsIce cream!

Our hotel in Old Town

Then it was off to the beach, although we've found that Noah and the ocean just don't mix! He is not content to just sit in the stroller. All he wants to do is bum scoot through the sand...trying to keep the sand out of his line connections and pumps is an absolute nightmare! We tried wrapping his connections in a rubber glove, which worked fairly well for the most part. I'm sure ID would love seeing Noah and his lines covered in sand! So the beach hasn't been quite as relaxing as I had imagined...but hey, he's having fun!

The other issue we've had this trip is trying to eat out. Trying to entertain a child who does not eat in a restaurant has proven to be a difficult task, so we've had to eat alot of fast food or takeout. We have found some excellent restaurants that were a hit though. Cafe Coyote (a wonderful mexican restaurant in Old Town) had men serenading mexican music throughout the meal (of course, Noah loved the guitars!!) and Corvette Diner in San Diego. A zany, 50's style diner where the waitresses sing/dance, throw around straws and bazooka bubble gum and magicians come entertain at your table (definately not the kind of place you go for a quiet meal out!).


Anonymous said...

Wow what great pictures!
I loved the one of the kids posing on the police car LOL.
Glad to hear you're all enjoying this much needed break!

Verna said...

Joy and gratitude fills my heart to see your family enjoying a vacation like this with all your kids,praise the LORD!