Saturday, July 19, 2008

No more tube!!

Thursday afternoon we managed to get in with radiology and have Noah's new 16Fr GJ tube inserted. The insertion went smoothly and with his new tube there are 2 ports. So we are able to vent from the G port and feed into the J port. This means no more NG tube and his face is finally tape free! His face looks a little wonky though, with his weird tan lines but it must feel so much better for him to be rid of that thing. Hard to believe that we lived with that tube for over 4 months! We were concerned with how well the new port would drain, but so far so good. It was a rough day for him though, and he came home and pretty much crashed until morning.

The interesting thing is that something strange showed up on the xray pictures when inserting the tube. His intestines weren't showing the normal curves that they should be (and that we think they have in the past). Not sure what it may be...perhaps his intestine intermittently twists. But he is now scheduled for a barium study Monday morning to check it out. It would actually be nice to actually find a problem. Perhaps that would give us some answers as to why things don't work the way they should.

Now, Noah is battling a cold, but hopefully with the help of the ventolin, he can fight this off quickly. His drainage has increased alot, so we need to keep a pretty close eye on his fluid balance right now. He's also got a nasty yeast infection around his stoma. Between the itchyness of his stoma and his cold, he's feel pretty miserable.


Jamie said...

Hope your cold gets better soon Noah! I'll be interested to hear the results from the barium...

The Keowns said...

good to hear the tube is gone! by the way, Liam loved your Mickey mouse pictures